Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Okay, I'll admit it, most of the time I work, go home, eat dinner and read with Alayna, watch TV, work, go home, etc. But this weekend was too nice not to do something fun. It's been 70 both days, nice bright sunshine. The clouds are coming in a little, now, but it's nice to warm up after a cold, wet winter. To celebrate the sun, Alayna and I had a little picnic on the porch on Saturday. Alayna got a new swimsuit, and she had to try it on, and then she left it on. After lunch, Alayna played Barbies with Maggie keeping an eye on her.

Then it was off to our Saturday night dinner and Wii at my parents' house (till midnight). My dad kicked Alayna's butt in bowling before she went to bed. Then Jen discovered that you can bowl sitting down and over hand, you just can't score much over 100. Today, our neighborhood group hosted the coffee hour after church, so Alayna got to play on the playground for much longer than usual while I helped clean up.

The Holy Trinity Catholic church down the street from our church has a bunch of painted fish on the fence. As we drive by, Alayna will try to count all of them, but doen't usually get past 30. Today, we stopped so she could count them. Turns out, there are 269 fish! There are a few spaces, so there were probably more originally. Here is my favorite, and one of the ones Alayna said was her favorite:

I think this fish might have been painted by a boy: note the lightning, and the trees on fire.

We stopped at Shari's for lunch on the way home, and I got a rose, just for being a Mom. That was fun. I guess I get payed for this gig, after all.

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