Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New photos! Just not here.

Hi there...
I have a bunch of great photos posted to Google+.  If you want to see them, come join me there.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Alayna is a goofball and always has been...

 So, I was going through some of my photos today, and I found the set below (from Christmas 2006). 

I cracked up laughing and had to share. Then I looked at the recent photos, and, amazingly, I found some of the same faces. I love you, my little girl.
(One note about the center top photo: yes, she is sleeping under her bed)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Portland Field Trip

With all the budget cuts to schools, Sexton Mountain Elementary (Alayna's school) has been very lucky to be able to keep PE and Library and Music classes.  For the last two years, however, they haven't had any field trips.  There was one earlier this spring, where they walked to the local wetlands to do some restoration work with the SOLV team.  But, they haven't had any of the 'get on the bus and drive far away' field trips that everyone remembers from elementary school.  All this is preamble to say how special last week's field trip was.  All the kids from the multi-age classes (2nd and 3rd grades) rode the buses to downtown Portland, where the parent volunteers waited for them.  We broke up into groups of 1-2 kids per adult and wandered through downtown.  (Yes, there were that many volunteers)  Each group was given a list of places to visit, with some facts about each, some questions to answer about a few of the stops, and some things to watch out for as we wandered.  It was a really fun morning.  We met at Pioneer Courthouse Square, walked to PSU and through the park blocks, to the library, and then down to Portlandia, before heading back to the square for lunch.  After lunch, we headed to the Chinese gate, and down to Ankeny Square, and to the river, and then took the Max back to the square to regather and send the kids back to school.  My Google Earth map with that path says we only walked for a little over 2.5 miles.  It definitely felt like more than that.  Alayna and I were in a group with Arielle and her Mom.  The girls were real troupers.  For a couple kids from the suburbs, getting to see an active downtown was a bit of an eyeopener, and they really seemed to enjoy it.  I was really glad that I got to go on the field trip, too. 

Alayna's arm span is exactly one Lincoln plinth

Wow! She's big!

Sexton Mountain takes over Pioneer Courthouse Square for lunch

Alayna the statue

Alayna and Arielle attempting to read Chinese

Where in the world are you, today? 

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Hayhurst Triathlon

Alayna finished her first triathlon today.  She had a great time and I am very proud of her.  When she was done she kept saying, "I'm so glad I did it!" She did a 50 yard swim, a 2 mile bike ride and a 1/2 mile run.  She walked for some of the run, but she finished strong with a run to the finish.  The bike portion was definitely her best part, even on her old, heavy bike.  At the finish line, there were two kinds of medals, the bigger ones for the parents who participated with the kids, and the smaller ones for all the kids.  She saw the two types and immediately asked for a bigger one.  She's very excited to do this all again next year.  The triathlon was a fundraiser for the Friends of CARRA (, which funds research and support for kids with arthritis. 

Alayna with her teacher (and the organizer), Jim Hayhurst

Finishing the first lap of the bike ride

Running to the finish

The finish line!  (notice that the medal they tried to give her
is different than the one she ended up with. )

Swimming!  (Alayna is in the second lane from the bottom)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas to all my family and friends!
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Trees

This year's Christmas trees came from the same farm as last year. It was a lovely day, but a bit cold.  Alayna wasn't with us this year, but it was still fun. 
(Roger takes such wonderful photos, don't you think?)

The littlest tree came home with us.  Alayna and I decorated it with a lot of bright lights and a lot of old and new ornaments.  I think it turned out well. 
We also helped Mom and Dad decorate their tress, which was much larger.  Alayna got to go up on the ladder to hang ornaments.  It's a little hard to see here, but Mom has a death grip on the back of Alayna's pants. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Learning Celebration

This fall, Alayna's class had a learning celebration. All the parents got to visit the class, listen to some poems and songs, see some of their classwork, and see some photos from the year so far. It was a lot of fun. These kids have certainly been busy in the last few months.