Saturday, June 04, 2011

Hayhurst Triathlon

Alayna finished her first triathlon today.  She had a great time and I am very proud of her.  When she was done she kept saying, "I'm so glad I did it!" She did a 50 yard swim, a 2 mile bike ride and a 1/2 mile run.  She walked for some of the run, but she finished strong with a run to the finish.  The bike portion was definitely her best part, even on her old, heavy bike.  At the finish line, there were two kinds of medals, the bigger ones for the parents who participated with the kids, and the smaller ones for all the kids.  She saw the two types and immediately asked for a bigger one.  She's very excited to do this all again next year.  The triathlon was a fundraiser for the Friends of CARRA (, which funds research and support for kids with arthritis. 

Alayna with her teacher (and the organizer), Jim Hayhurst

Finishing the first lap of the bike ride

Running to the finish

The finish line!  (notice that the medal they tried to give her
is different than the one she ended up with. )

Swimming!  (Alayna is in the second lane from the bottom)

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