Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ski Trip

It's high time Alayna learned to ski, or at least so says my sister and her husband. My dad works with someone with a ski chalet near Ski Bowl, so we rented his house for the weekend. It was a lovely and comfortable townhome with an outdoor pool nearby. (I forgot to get photos of us at the pool.) Alayna had her first ski lesson, and she loved it. She was just the cutest ski bunny out there. There was one baby (probably 2 years old) that was out on skis, but Alayna was still the cutest.

Alayna and her instructor headed over to the flat part to practice wearing skis.

One of the first trips down the hill.

Mom and Dad and Alayna in the lodge for a break at lunch.

Jen helped Alayna ski after lunch. It snowed pretty hard intermittently, but it was never miserable. Alayna got pretty tired after they were skiing for a little while, but she was a real trooper for a long time.

One of Alayna's favorite things are icicles. And the community had a lot of icicles. The ones on the tops of the buildings were humongous. Here's Alayna with one of the more managable ones.

After we all got back from skiing, and rested a little while, we went snowshoeing around the lake. Looks like something out of a postcard, doesn't it?
Collins Lake:

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Kelly T said...

yes, straight out of a postcard! Looks so beautiful. I am envious, looks like a great trip. I love the photo of Alayna and your parents-so cute. Glad you had a great weekend!