Sunday, December 14, 2008


It's actually been a year since I posted anything here?! OK. I guess now that I have internet and a good computer I don't have much excuse. Anyway, it is snowing here. Pretty hard, and it's really cold. We made it out to have some fun, though...

Snow Angel: You can see that there isn't really that much snow, about 1" this afternoon. But the whole city is shut down.
The slide still works in the snow:

Doesn't it look like a good day for swimming?

Rolling down the hill:
Evidently, this is how puppies eat snow. They push their heads through the snow and lick.

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Kelly T said...

I am totally getting caught up on your blog! TOO funny, we did the same thing in the snow- the park of course, haha.I forgot to add you to my reader and will do so, so I don't miss a post!